School of Excellence
New Idea Coming to our Recreational Program this Fall!


OBJECTIVE: To select both Boys and Girls ages 5/6 and 7/8 from Recreational soccer who display ability and an aptitude to develop their skills in preparation for the Everton FL Academy soccer
Identification of players will take place between the months of September and December.
Players will be selected by the Head Recreational Trainer and his staff.
The names of selected players will be given over to The Club Academy Director no later than December1st. These players will be placed into the SOE for one session per week from January 15th through April 30th.
The purpose of this exercise is to help prepare these players for the Club Academy and enhance their skills to better prepare them for soccer at the next level.  On completion of the training sessions, players who have excelled and fulfilled School of Excellence SOE rules will be invited to join the Academy.
Training will consist of a mixture of Foot skills, coordination exercises and speed training.   All players will receive an evaluation from the SOE Director in April.
The total cost for the SOE will be $95.00 for training and also include the SOE shirt.
Rules of the SOE:
  • Entry in to SOE is by invitation only
  • Excellent attendance at training sessions
  • Correct training apparel must be worn for all sessions
  • Players must come prepared to work hard and look to improve