2014 - U8 Session I - Team listing


This age group will have a different format for session. Since we only have 15 players not enough to form more than 2 teams, thus having to play the same team each week, the players and Facilitators will pick teams each week to keep the games interesting and fun for the players.


u-8 Players List    
Facilitators Burbage,McAtasney, Whitlock  
Team Color Orange  
1 Nelson C.
2 Logan C.
3 Ian M.
4 Keegan M.
5 John R.
6 Kyle S.
7 Austin S.
8 Braden S.
9 Hadyn T.
10 George V.
11 Alexander V.
12 Joseph W.
13 Bailey B.
14 Emery B.
15 Melina K.
16 Rivera D.