2013 - U8 Session II - Team listing


This age group will have a different format for session. Since we only have 19 players not enough to form more than 2 teams, thus having to play the same team each week, the players and Facilitators will pick teams each week to keep the games interesting and fun for the players.



u-8 Players List

Facilitators Mason, Feuillebois  
Team Color Red  

1 Xander B.
2 Benjamin B.
3 Sofia C.
4 Logan C.
5 Wesley D.
6 Casen E.
7 Reinaldo F.
8 Harrison F.
9 Zephyr K.
10 Liam L.
11 Zachary M.
12 Bryce M.
13 John R.
14 Damon R.
15 Philip S.
16 Ellie S.
17 Brady W.
18 Joseph W.
19 Tylor W.