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Welcome to the Northeast Raiders and thank you for your interest in our program.  The goal of the Rec Academy is to provide the recreational players the opportunity of working with our professional staff coaches to improve and develop their soccer skills in a low-pressure environment, with an emphasis on individual player development and fun.

Typically, all players in the
Rec Academy will have the opportunity to participate in two 4 week blocks.

For our U7 thru U12 players, each session will focus on a combination of technical development and small sided games.  After your child experiences the Northeast Raiders training program, they will be a better player; technically more sound, tactically more aware and better prepared to take on all future soccer endeavors.

Upon completion of the final four week block, players that stand out and show their desire to take their soccer skills to the next level, will be invited to participate in the
St. Pete Raiders School of Excellence.  Those accepting the invitation will continue their training in a small group environment, where they will experience an academy-type training atmosphere.  Training by our professionally licensed coaching staff allows for growth as a player and a person throughout their soccer experience, and better prepares the player for success both on the field and off. 

Our program will be led by the Coordinator for the
School of Excellence, Kevin Dublin, with over 20 years of playing and coaching experience  and a passion of working with young players promoting the leadership skills, sportsmanship, and general love for the “beautiful game”.

Each session will be an hour long, and will consist of a player to coach ratio of approximately 10:1.

You can contact Coach Kevin at:  or cell:  727-400-2424, or Tony Paris (DOC) at:    for further information on this exciting concept!


U8 Pre Academy Program
For those Age 7 on August 1, 2015

The Purpose of the U8 Pre Academy is to teach the game of soccer the way it should be in these “Golden Years” of learning and in turn helping players to develop good habits on the field of play that will be with them throughout their soccer lives.

This training needs to be both fun, yet informative and help foster the love of the game which in turn will keep them playing and developing as both people and soccer players.

The game is divided into two areas - technical and tactical. Between the ages of 6-11 we tend to focus just on the technical side of the game, with a small slant on tactics as the players start to become proficient in this area. Tactics will then follow as they garner a better understanding of the game and the way it works.

There are no standings within this age bracket and no emphasis on winning thus removing untold pressure from the players and allowing them to express themselves and learn from their mistakes.

At this age professional training with qualified coaches plays a big part in their development along with training with like minded players will increase their chances of success as they mature. 

The expectation is that they will attend the two mandated 1 hour sessions per week and play every other weekend so burnout does not enter into the equation. The season would normally span roughly 4 months starting in November-February with a break in December for the Holiday season.

This program is vital for those that want to be a part of the U9 - U10 Academy which is the gateway for Club soccer at age 11.

The cost for this program is only $295.00, this will include a uniform, insurance, training and games. This fee can be paid in two installments to help defray initial outlay, but will incur a 10% handling charge.

For further information please speak with Kevin Dublin (Head Trainer).

Office: 727-400-2424