Explanation of the Academy Developmental Program


(U5 & U6, previously our U6 age group)

VSI - Pinellas Flames believes that all young players should receive a quality foundation to their soccer education. The Academy Developmental Program will provide that foundation for our U5’s and U6’s.

Players will practice and play once a week, under the guidance of our professional Recreation Training Staff. The program is structured so that all players will be given the same program at the same time by each coach. The focus is on the individual player. Technique (skills) will be emphasized. Every player will receive a ball, as part of their uniform package, to work on their skills at home as well as at practice.


At game time, the Director will place players into teams for games. This way there are no weaker teams or stronger teams on a regular basis. Children who cannot make a session are no longer letting a team down. There will be no, or few, substitutes on the sidelines. As a former player, I never heard a player saying that they played too many minutes. However, I constantly heard them complain of playing too few minutes. Kids want to play, not sit and watch others have fun. The games will consist of three 6 minute periods of "Open Soccer". Open Soccer provides each player the opportunity to be successful.


The Academy Developmental Program will provide soccer education and fun.