U5 / U6 Academy Developmental Program



League Format: 

1.   These age groups will have Three 6 week seasons for the Fall 2013-14 season.

      1st session is Sept. 5th through Oct 10th - REGISTRATION FOR SESSION I ends 8/25/13

      2nd session is Oct. 24th through Dec 12th with Halloween & Thanksgiving week off. - REGISTRATION FOR SESSION II ends 10/13/13

Players will then have the holiday season off from soccer to participate in holiday activities.

      3rd session is Jan. 2nd through Feb 6th - REGISTRATION FOR SESSION III ends 12/15/13


Practice & Game Format:

1.  30 mins Technical Training with VSI - Pinellas Flames Training Staff.

2.   Game play will be Open Soccer 3v3 immediately following training session.

2.   No player goal kicks, corner kicks, throw-ins. The game is restarted with the Facilitator rolling in a new ball for play once a ball has gone out-of-bounds.

3.   Games played 3 - 6 minute periods with 2-3 minute break period. No Referees

4.   U6 - Thursday 6pm-7pm on the East Field (behind the tennis courts) -


Team Formation: 

1.   No assigned teams in these age groups. All players will practice and play together on their assigned day.