Check In Requirements

Pre-Tournament Check-In -  

1 Hour prior to teams' 1st game of the tournament

Where -
Puryear Park Clubhouse, 5701 Lee Street NE  St. Petersburg, FL 33703


What to Bring -
In order to make the registration process as smooth as possible please have all player passes and medical releases in alphabetical order.


Rosters -
Bring 5 copies. The only acceptable rosters are the US Club and FYSA generated rosters. Guest player forms must be accompany the rosters and signed by your Club Registrar, official or agent of record. Please also handwrite the guest players on the state generated roster; these will be signed off by an official of our club at Check-in. 

Medical Release Form -
Every rostered and guest player must have a medical release at check in. You may use the current forms you are using for travel. Please organize in alphabetical order to insure a smooth check-in process. 

Coaches & Player Passes -
All coaches & players must have valid, laminated player passes with the necessary picture. Please place these on a ring binder and have them in alphabetical order to ensure a smooth check-in process.


Emergency Contact Form - 
To be kept on file by tournament committee so that in the event of inclement weather or an emergency we can contact coaches and team managers at their hotel, home or cell. Click here for Form