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Everton FL Sends Two Players to England


Everton Florida is fast becoming one of the most distinguished youth soccer academies in the country. In keeping with our mission, we are looking to develop some of the most prominent young talent in the land and in doing so the academy has established an affiliation and partnership with the Everton FC of the English Premier League, one of the most prestigious professional soccer clubs, and leagues, in the world.

Tony Paris, a long time youth and professional soccer coach, is the Executive Director of the Everton FL and is responsible for facilitating the partnership which is still in its first year. Only a selected few clubs in the United States are associated with Everton FC and we, as a club, recognize the honor and responsibility that it entails.

The established partnership will provide our membership with tremendous opportunities in the coming years. One of the main attractions for the club is the opportunity for players to be identified to go overseas and take part in the Academy Program at Everton FC, with the ultimate dream of one day playing in the famous blue shirts. This vision was initially penned for year 2, however, such is the steps that the club has taken that we are very excited to provide the opportunity this coming year, Spring 2009.

This season two players, who just happen to be a brother-sister combination, received exciting news as they have been selected to become a part of the Everton Academy and will spend a week training with the club, seeing the sights, watching premier league games, and getting insight as to what it takes to become a professional soccer player at the highest level. Paris Had said when interviewed, that it was not easy in the selection process as the committee sifted through possible candidates who were put forward from their coaches.  The highlight of the year for Paris was when he told the players that they had been selected to represent Everton FL on our first trip! This makes all the hard work worthwhile when you see the effect this sort of good news has on aspiring Athletes. He also commented that he feels this will be a catalyst and lift the level of play and commitment from Everton clubs players. This will also be a huge draw for players wanting to come over in the future and wear the blue of Everton!

Hunter and Taylor Loyden will fly to England for a week long training program in Spring where they will train and play with the Everton Academy, attend Premier League matches and ultimately have the opportunity to become part of the Everton FC.

Hunter currently plays for the U14 boys’ squad and Taylor competes with the U16 girls team. Both are strong and skilled soccer players who are technically sound with the ball. Each possesses good speed and solid knowledge of the game.  Their loyalty and dedication to the cause has paid off for them both and are huge assets to the organization.  We are certain they will do the club proud overseas

Hunter, a 5-5 forward, plays for the U14 boys’ squad and attends Southside Fundamental Middle School. The other half of the dynamic duo, Taylor, a 5-5 midfielder at St. Petersburg High, currently competes for the U16 girls team.

Taylor and Hunter look forward to the once in a lifetime opportunity beginning in the near future.  Taylor’s immediate reactoin to the news that she was selected to go to Everton in England was, "I thought they were joking at first. This is an awesome opportunity- I am very thankful the coaches considered me for this experience."  Hunter’s response, " When I first found out I couldn’t believe it. This is the best opportunity I’ve ever had."

Everton FL is proud to offer this opportunity to Hunter and Taylor and we wish them nothing but success in England. You will be able to keep up with their progress overseas as they write a daily blog that will be posted on the website.

The question is who will be next? Could it be you? 




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