Director's Job Responsibilities
Executive Director

Tony Paris

To act as an Advisor/ Consultant, utilizing my wealth of knowledge in the field of Youth and professional soccer. I believe my name is synomous with integrity and excellence thus giving the Everton Florida organization great prestige in the soccer community. My longevity at this club has shown my loyalty to the club,

I am taking the “UEFA A” license this summer, It is the top license in the world and the most respected. I will share much of what I learn with the coaches at the Raiders.  Not many youth clubs can boast a “UEFA A” Licensed Director!

Much of my time upon my return will be spent on accessing the coaching staff and helping them improve, thus short circuiting  inroads to the players.


General duties:

  • To oversee the workings of the organization as a whole.  
  • To recruit and review coach selection for all club teams  
  • To receive monthly reports from both Recreational and Competitive DOC’s on progress made and new ideas. In return, giving back ideas to pave the way for success.
  • Brainstorming innovations  
  • To review proposed new curriculums for Rec and club. (These need to be produced by pertinent personnel)
  • To liaison with Club president on a regular basis
  • To liaison with both Rec and Club DOCS  on a regular basis.
  • To be on line (Phone) for monthly Board meetings for Executives input
  •  Develop a link with Overseas travel opportunities. (This is a year away) Teams need to fundraise for these trips.
  • Share new ideas with club from overseas. 
  • Share cutting edge training ideas with DOC and club coaches.
  • Work with club teams on a pre-determined schedule.
  • Analyze club coaches during sessions and help mentor them for further development.
  • Host coaching clinics upon my return from Europe.
  • To be on call for problem solving 24/7.

This is by far one of the most important aspects of any business and an area I am extremely well versed in and able to make those vital decisions that will further develop the Everton FloridaSoccer Club.


Recreational Directing of Coaching


Listed below are areas that the Recreational Director needs to work in but not limited too:

  • To set up coaching curriculums for age specific players
  • To update Recreational coaches drill books 
  • To host coaches clinics (pre-season and during the season)
  • To structure and run  the Raiders Cub Academy
  • To be on the look out for untapped talent and report back to the Club DOC 
  • Host training sessions for all Rec players
  • Host Clinics for the same
  • Host Recreational summer camps 
  • Vet all team coaches for suitability 
  • Set Licensing courses through FYSA for Rec Coaches 
  • Host coaches meetings during pre-season.
  • Parent Education classes 
  • Encourage better players to try for club soccer
  • Get Rec coaches to buy into Club and not against it!
  • Organization of All-Star games at season end 
  •  Liaison with Rec Coordinator on a regular basis. 
  • Attend all Board Meetings
  • Attend all Directors Meetings
  • Be on the cutting edge of GYSA rules and regulations and attend all pertinent meetings. 
  • Monitor coaches training sessions
  • Monitor coaches sideline behavior during training and games
  • Present at Puryear Park on Saturdays (Game days) and any other game related days Create a booklet on Rec as to “What Is Recreational Soccer."
  • Present at player draft
  • Host one Fundraising event per year
  • Host and direct a Recreational Tournament per year.