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TryOut Questions to Consider

Before making a decision on where you should play, you need to look at the following, and then make an informed decision:

  • Who will be the Head coach of the team you will play for?
  • What are the coach’s qualifications? His/Her objectives?
  • What are the coach’s philosophies?
  • Does the Coach have tenure with the club soccer program?
  • What experience does the coach possess?
  • Are they looking to develop?
  •  Is it win at all costs (The quick fix)
  • Who is the DOC of the club and what are his qualifications?
  • Clubs goals and objectives?
  • The infrastructure of the club


What does the club offer by way of further opportunities?

  • Free Training with professional coaches?
  • Camps?
  • College referral?
  • Overseas Travel?
  • Mentorship?
  • Extra training opportunities


What qualification does the coach possess?

  • Is the coach successful?
  • Are they renowned for player development?
  • Do they possess good training abilities
  • Do you feel this coach can get the best out of you and help you develop? \Do you want to play for this coach?
  • Does the coach shout loudly from the side line thus unnerving you?
  • Is the coach a positive force or a negative one?
  • Does the coach understand your psychology?




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