The Importance of Good Footwork and Mobility

In soccer, a goalkeeper’s footwork defines how skillful he/she is in a good number of aspects. The importance of footwork is seen when a goalkeeper needs to change their stance and position to ready them to dive for a ball out of his/her normal reach. Footwork is a major factor in determining how a goalkeeper would be able change direction and to accelerate towards a given target. Footwork keeps a goalkeeper’s stance controlled and not easily compromised as it assists in distribution of his weight evenly.


“Quick feet never get beat” is a good phrase to live by in goalkeeping and it is important to emphasize the importance of quick footwork to your goalkeeper. The feet, not the hands are the first part of a body that should move to save a ball to the side of a goalkeeper. Good footwork can also get a goalkeeper in the correct position to make a save or deal with a crossed ball.



Goal Keepers check out this website!

 Keeperstop.com:  https://www.keeperstop.com/

The Keeper Stop article talks about the positioning of the goalkeeper.  We are going to do a session on this using ropes to find out the correct approach to a shot on goal.

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