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Core Values

Personal Development
To be receptive to new ideas and concepts that help improve and broaden your horizon. To constantly strive to improve yourself in what ever you do. This in turn will help strengthen character and build a stronger club. Go above and beyond in your quest to improve your talents and gifts.

To respect your peers and all people in and around our club and community. To treat people in the manner that you like to be treated. This in turn will lead to a more harmonious working environment for all to share and be a part of.

To be honest in word, action and deed. This is something that cannot be compromised. We must think before we act and the ultimate outcome of such actions and its effect on ones self and our club in general.

To hold a value for the people involved within the organization and people that support us. To foster a sense of belonging. To create a feeling of mutual trust, care and respect. To create a wholesome environment helping to build a solid foundation for the future.

To work hard at everything you do...this in turn will help you excel. Excellence must take place both on and off the field for us to realize our goals and this, in turn, will lead to excellence!

To be responsible with the resources that are bestowed upon you. To hold a value on all that is around us. To avoid frivolous and wasteful behavior that drains our resources, applying this to our club and our surroundings.

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