Bringing Soccer to Pinellas County Families Since 1970

Mission Statement

The St. Pete Raiders/Northeast Raiders Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization which provides competitive and recreational programs for players between the ages of 4 and 19. Our mission is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County youth, through the sport of soccer at all ages and levels of competition. Our goal is to provide a safe, structured, and fair environment in which young players can have fun playing and learning the game of soccer. We also hope to nurture and develop a lifelong passion for the sport of soccer.

The purpose of the Recreational Program, is to provide a beginning player and the experienced recreational player an opportunity to play and learn the game of soccer in a friendly atmosphere that stresses fun and the enjoyment of soccer and de-emphasizes the concept of "winning at all costs!" Recreation teams are selected on a basis of balance and fairness. A blind draw is used to assure balance between teams. No statistics or scores are recorded during the season.

Competitive Program is for those seeking a more competitive experience and more intensive training. The purpose of this program is to develop and prepare soccer athletes for accelerated levels of competition while still promoting the physical and moral benefits of the game of soccer. Competitive tryouts are held annually in May/June in order to form the teams for the next season. During the season, players receive specialized training by professional coaches and trainers who prepare them for a more competitive environment. Players, parents, and coaches must be committed to training, travel, and the overall competitive experience.

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